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  Friday, October 31, 2014
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Completed Emergency Drills for the 2014-2015 School Year:

 9/16/2014: Fire Drill Elementary, Middle School and High School

 9/22/2014: Tornado Drill Elementary, Middle School and High School

9/29/2014: Lock Down Drill Elementary, Middle School and high School

10/15/2014: Fire Drill Elementary, Middle School and High School

10/30/2014: Fire Drill Middle School and High School (out)

Mayville Community Schools






See copy of award and letter under "Community Links."

US News and World Reports Mayville High School was awarded a Bronze medal for the 2013-2014 school year for being one of the "Best High School's in the Nation"



Mayville Alternative Education: 


Alternative Education:
·         Monday through Friday 7:50-2:50pm.
Start Date:
·         September 2rd 2014
Transportation is not provided:
·         Transportation is provided: Busing to school and home is provided along with busing to and from the Tech center. Students are required to use the provided busing.
Lunch is provided:
·         Lunch is provided from 11:30- 12:00. Cost is $2.30 per student lunch
Classroom location:
·         Classes are taught by a highly Qualified teacher who will provide individual assistance to the students in Alternative Education: (Mr. McLane)
·         The Alternative Education is housed in the Red Barn Near the High School Football Field.
Classes Taught:
·         All classes will be taught on the computer using E20/20
·         Students will work on a minimum off the 4 core classes: Math, Science, Social Studies and English.
·         The day consists of 3 hours of instructional time on the computer at the school plus they will be enrolled in a vocational program at the Tech Center. This will be 1st-4th hour.
·          Students will be allowed to work on their online classes 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
·         All students will be required to complete 3.5% of their course each week to stay on track for graduation.
Movement in and Out of Alternative Education:
·         Students are assigned to the alternative education and will be released only at semester breaks.
·         All courses completed in alternative education will count towards a high school diploma.
·         Alternative educations students are not eligible for Ms or HS athletics, however are able to attend sporting contests, play productions, etc.
·         Prom and school dances are allowed.
·         Alternative Education is a free alternative to general education. It is computer based with the availability for students to work 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
Discipline/ attendance rules:
·         Same as the high School Student handbook.
Special Education:
·         A special education teacher is available to administer all special education needs per an IEP.




The mission of Mayville Community Schools is to be a cornerstone of the community that provides a safe environment and a quality education, preparing our students for success at the next level while developing and supporting lifelong learners.


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