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  Sunday, July 05, 2015
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Board of Education

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Wednesday, July 8, 2015 at 6:30 p.m.


Mayville Community Schools






See copy of award and letter under "Community Links."

US News and World Reports Mayville High School was awarded a Bronze medal for the 2013-2014 school year for being one of the "Best High School's in the Nation"





 February 23, 2015

 Members of the Mayville Community:

Michigan Standardized testing is quickly approaching for 7th, 8th and 11th graders:

 All of our juniors will be taking the ACT, + work keys testing starting Tuesday March 3rd and continuing on Wednesday March 4th This is the traditional paper and pencil test as it has been for quite a few years. The juniors will no longer be taking the MME. This has been replaced by the new State of Michigan Assessment test called the M-Step.

ACT testing will be administered in the high school in the morning starting at 8am. Please try to make sure that your student gets a good nights sleep before the test and  has a hot breakfast, (we will offer that in the morning at the school). The Mayville teachers and administration have been trying to prepare your students for all the upcoming standardized testing by facilitating 2 separate week long ACT, M-step prep test weeks. Where students were given test taken strategies that included: how to answer multiple choices questions more effectively, practice test, vocabulary help and overall interventions to help students better prepare. These strategies and interventions were offered to all 7th-12th grade students in all classes. Besides the two prep week sessions all teachers have been a part of Motivational Mondays where every teacher has been sharing with the students on Monday a intervention/strategy to better prep our students for the testing. I would hope that implementing these activities has caused your student to feel more prepared this year for the test.

These strategies and interventions have all also been implemented for all 7th and 8th graders who will be taking the M-Step test this year instead of the traditional MEAP test as they have taken in previous years. Mayville Middle School and High School have opted to take the M-Step portions of the test this year as paper and pencil test. This is scheduled to be the last year schools can take the test as a paper and pencil model. The dates for the M-Step are as follows:


7th grade:

April 28 and April 29th: ELA testing with April 30th, May 1st and May 4th as the make-up days

May 5th and May 6th Math testing, May 7th Science testing and May 8th-15th as Make-up

8th grade:

April114th and April 15th:  ELA testing, April 16th Science testing and April 17th and April 20th as Makeup testing for ELA and Science

April 21st and April 22nd Math Testing, April 23rd Social Studies testing, with April 24th-May 1st as make-up dates for all testing.

11th grade:

April 14th and April 15th: ELA testing, April 16h Science testing, with April 17th and April 20th as make-up dates for ELA and Science.

April 21st and April 22nd are Math testing, April 23rd is Social Studies testing and April 24th-May 1st are all subject Make-up dates.

Please try to make sure that your student gets adequate rest, eats right and tries to be in attendance for the testing dates! The 8th graders and 11th graders come back from Spring Break on April 13th and begin testing April 14th! If you are the parent or guardian of a 7th, 8th or 11th grade student please encourage your student to take all portions of these important tests seriously. The results are used to evaluate our school as well as our students.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns that you may have. My door is always open at the high school and I invite you to stop in at any time. You can also reach me via email at, or phone at 843-6115.

 Have a great day,

Christopher L. Kidd

Mayville Middle School and High School Principal


The mission of Mayville Community Schools is to be a cornerstone of the community that provides a safe environment and a quality education, preparing our students for success at the next level while developing and supporting lifelong learners.


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Completed Emergency Drills for the 2014-2015 School Year:


 9/16/14, 10/15/14, 10/30/14(out): Fire Drill Elementary, Middle School and High School
9/22/14: Tornado Drill Elementary, Middle School and High School
9/29/14: Lock down Drill Elementary, Middle School and High School
10/15/14: Fire Drill Elementary
11/3/15: Fire Drill Elementary
11/10/14: Fire Drill Elementary, Middle School and High School
12/5/14: Fire Drill Middle school
12/8/14 Fire Drill High School                                 
1/14/15 Hard lock down (MS and HS)
1/15/15 Hard Lock Down (MS and HS) K-9 search
1/22/15: Hard Lock Down Drill Elementary
2/25/15: Hard lock down Drill Elementary
2/27/15: Hard Lock down MS and HS
3/26/15: Tornado Drill Elementary
3/27/15: Fire Drill Elementary
4/29/15: Fire Drill MS and HS
5/1/15: Fire Drill Elementary
5/7/15: Fire Drill Elementary
5/26/15: Fire Drill Elementary

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